Estonia is a small yet beautiful place with a temperate climate surrounded by lakes. The pleasant sunny summers and the frequent showers of rain all year round make it an ideal tourist destination. In Estonia, one can find flavours of Swedish, Finnish and traditional Estonian cuisine formed mainly of sausages, meats and fishes.

However, that does not prevent this freedom loving developed country and its citizens from enjoying the indulgences and delicacies that other colourful nations in the world have to offer. Hookah Palace, Restaurant and Bar symoolizes this very spirit of Estonians.

Situated in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, this Premier restaurant is based on an Arabic theme. The main purpose of dining here is 100 percent pure Fun! The traditional Arabic smoke pipe, Hookah is also provided to the guests. Each Hookah has a distinctly flavoured tobacco from the classic traditional Hookah to the contemporary fruity flavours.

The ambience, lighting and décor blend in with the smoke from the Hookah putting the guest at ease and transcending their hectic day into a state of relaxation, serenity and peace. The various drinks that go with the Hookah add more taste to the tobacco.

The 5 Hookah rooms can accommodate around 150 guests at a time. Moreover, we offer affordable rates for the largest Water-pipe collection in Estonia. The bar is equipped with some of the world’s best alcohol brands in addition to the popular local ones. All drinks imaginable from the non-alcoholic traditional drink Kali to the locally brewed beer and the strongest Vodka made in the country, everything is available.

We provide European as well Asian cuisines, so that you test different kinds of Asian food such as Indian food, Bangladeshi food, Pakistani food etc as well as European food.If you are looking for Indian restaurant in Tallinn, hookah palace,Restaurant & Bar is the right palace to enjoy excellent meal and dinner. And, our state of the art facilities include take away services, casual dining, a mind blowing stereo system to set the right ambience for Hookah lovers, rooms equipped with Satellite cable and Wi-Fi with heaters and car parking. Moreover, we offer Student discounts and many other offers every day.

Our friendly staff with their pleasant smile is sure to win your heart and make you feel like a true Arabian royalty who could relax and burn all the problems away in the smoke of the Hookah.